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About me

I am from the United Kingdom (Wales) and I blog about my thoughts, experience, and solutions to problems in technology, software, efficiency, accessibility at my website’s blog section.

The use of tools such as Markdown, Hugo and Git let me post content quickly and easily here.

I have been involved with web design since 2017 and have been actively developing and publishing these works on my personal GitHub page. I then explain my methods and analysis in my projects posts.

Future Goals for Me

  1. Start a business/career in the field
  2. Do more side projects (exploring new software)
  3. Pursuit of valuable niches

Website Goals

I am actively publishing on this website in a static site generator called Hugo using my own theme I have continually developed since 2022 (not released publicly).

Something else:

    class revelation {         
        static void Main(string[] args)
            System.Console.WriteLine("I got syntax highlighting working!");

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