About me; a Welsh software engineer


I study and write software.

My main work involves web application development although I am actively learning a range of languages on the side.

Current activity:

I have recently finished a mobile application development project.

Also, I am publishing this website in a static site generator called Hugo using my own theme.


Feel free to contact me on paid work or discussions using my social links below.


2022 August 16 Hugo theme (bubblegasket) (Words: 177) /work/
2022 August 4 The Perfect Mouse (Words: 940) /blog/
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2022 June 25 Tiling-complement for tiling window managers (dwm, i3, etc) (Words: 134) /work/
2022 June 18 Quote Generator (🙏🏻 so inspired 🙏🏻) (Words: 52) /work/
2022 June 18 My old (ultra-modern) portfolio page (Words: 64) /work/

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