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I designed a short application to help me prioritise a list of meaningful and personal goals, often numerous and also short term targets.

The idea came from me drawing up a list of things I wanted to accomplish in the week ahead, always scribbled on paper, and this created an easily outdated paper trail because priorities were shifting regularly.

To accomplish these tasks I wrote the things that were most beneficial and valuable to me, like writing, programming, reading. As I mentioned, this had been difficult on paper and also I felt a spreadsheet was also a bit “hacky” or more intensive than it had to be.

I often ranked tasks based on emotional or personal value to me and I often felt like I always postponed ones giving a poor return on time invested (C’est la vie).

This format I’ve written is manageable for me as I don’t like to drop potentially good ideas too soon, so five minutes daily of using this application gives me a brief overview on what I can strive for on the days and weeks ahead.

Finally, this application is open to others to use (link above) and also works offline, you can find the source code on my GitHub page here: My GitHub .

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