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How to Connect Microsoft SQL Server Database to Python

Purpose #

I am attending a coding academy and wanted to show my class a presentation on how to set-up software for connecting to a SQL database using Visual Studio Code, MS SQL server, and Python 3 (hence no formalities).

I didn’t want to use my local Microsoft account for authentication for security reasons, this also requires disabling SSL encryption (as shown in the code) - if you are just doing local testing then this is fine.

Many tutorials exist but are very unclear or don’t show how this is done, so I recorded the video below to show how specifically.

Requirements #

Outcome #

Code to do a Basic Connection and DB Query in VSCODE #

Fill in the blanks, including entering your table name in query

import pyodbc

# Edit string for your server name, username, password
connection = pyodbc.connect('DRIVER={ODBC Driver 18 for SQL Server};SERVER=yourservername;DATABASE=yourdatabasename;UID=yourusername;PWD=yourpassword;Encrypt=No;')

# Create a cursor from the connection
cursor = connection.cursor()

# Example query to execute
query = 'SELECT * FROM table'

# Execute the query

# Fetch and print all results
for row in cursor.fetchall():

# Close the cursor and connection

Tutorial video #

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