Tiling-complement for tiling window managers (dwm, i3, etc)


Language: Bash

This is a bash script compatible with modern GNU/Linux operating systems.

Two challenges with this application:

  1. Script breaks if parts are not written 100% correct.
  2. The script can generate too many weather API calls so it had to be restricted to a reasonable interval out of respect of the host provider.


If I had the spark to justify refactoring this code I would:

  1. Write functions
    • might not be useful without many (linked) bash scripts
    • could make the script unreasonably bigger but logically the same
    • might be better to use a different language to automate bash execution
  2. Make it customizable
    • experienced users must uncomment things they require (e.g. battery percent)
    • create an install script
    • proper termination of script (on display manager log-out)
  3. Write more coherent or readable outputs and reduce error messages


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