My old (ultra-modern) portfolio page


My old portfolio page is something I wrote entirely from scratch circa 2017 as a static site.

The theme I was trying to achieve was the “modern” website that appeared everywhere at this time. If I were to replicate this today, I would use a flexbox layout with a grid at the bottom for images (

Languages used:

  1. Bootstrap version 3.36
  2. HTML5
  3. CSS3



2022 August 16 Hugo theme (bubblegasket) (Words: 177) /work/
2022 August 4 The Perfect Mouse (Words: 940) /blog/
2022 July 2 My new site (Words: 707) /blog/
2022 June 25 Tiling-complement for tiling window managers (dwm, i3, etc) (Words: 134) /work/
2022 June 18 Quote Generator (🙏🏻 so inspired 🙏🏻) (Words: 52) /work/
2022 June 18 My old (ultra-modern) portfolio page (Words: 64) /work/

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